Kayak and canoe renting

Canoe and Kayak renting in Inari

Canoeing takes us closer to nature and has grown in popularity in the last years. We offer quality kayaks, canoes, tandem kayaks and Stand Up Paddle Boards with dry suits and neoprene kayak shoes for rent.

The canoe, indian style, is excellent for calmer weather at lakes and rivers. A kayak is better suited for rougher weather. The canoe paddle is single bladed and the kayak paddle is double bladed. There’s a saying, that it all runs down to the model of the paddle, even though the technique is similar. It’s usually easier for a beginner to start with a more steady kayak, but with the help of a instructor, also a canoe can be tamed in the hands of a determined paddler.

Kayaking is a diverse hobby

Kayaking is full of possibilities; when a beginner should practice in calmer weather, a more experienced kayaker can venture further to brave windier waters.

It’s inconvenient for a beginner or a infrequent hobbyist to own a canoe or a kayak as it needs a lot of storage space and involves maintenance costs. When you want to paddle at the Lake Inari or Ivalo River, we recommend renting a canoe or a kayak from us.

You can fit a week’s worth of supplies in a canoe or a kayak easily, including camping equipment and rations. A doubles kayak is convenient for bringing a child. Lake Inari is suitable to paddle with a canoe and a kayak. For longer and possibly windy kayaking trips we recommend a kayak.

Welcome to rent a canoe or a kayak!

Canoe and kayak rental prices

  • Kayak 50 €/day, includes a paddle, boat cover and a vest
  • Canoe 50 €/day, includes paddles, a storage container and vests
  • Twin Kayak 00 €/day, includes paddles, a boat cover and vests