Kayaking equipment and gear

Lake Inari conditions and necessary equipment

The weather conditions around Lake Inari should not be underestimated, because they may be apt to change suddenly. Kayakers are advised not to go to the lake and keep in the cover of the islands. Light is in generous supply during the summer at Lake Inari as the sun doesn’t set in June at all in Lapland. In autumn one should be prepared for windier weather and even storms. During longer kayaking trips good camping gear is essential because of the ever changing weather conditions. Clothing should be warm and windproof, even though a short sleeved may be sufficient in the sunny summer days. Sunscreen, sunglasses and a headgear are essential, as is repellant against the gnats and mosquitoes of the lake.

A kayaker in the Lake Inari has to be self sufficient, because the islands have no shops or other services. Essential supplies to the trip are food, a tent, a sleeping bag and a fire starting kit. A Kayaker should also take into account a cell phone and a waterproof container for matches, because communications and ability to stay warm are crucial in case of an emergency.

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