Sightseeing and lodging

Experiences in the wilderness

The nature surrounding Lake Inari is worth seeing and experiencing. In addition to kayaking, Lake Inari offers many hiking and fishing opportunities. In the east of Lake Inari, Vätsäri wilderness area is Lapland in it’s finest and is a demanding hiking route. After a 40 minute drive from Nellim, the fell Tsarmi wilderness area is also suited for a more experienced trekker. The third wilderness area is about 130 km from Nellim, called the Hammastunturi. The fourth wilderness area worth seeing is Muotkatunturi wilderness area around Utsjoki and Inari, which is an excellent target for either day trips or overnight trips.

Enjoy sleeping in style

Around Lake Inari, it’s possible to lodge in a hotel or a resort village. Wilderness Hotel Nellim, situated on the east coast of the lake, offers quality accommodations. On the south coast there is Wilderness Hotel Lapinleuku, and in the centre of town Ivalo, by the Ivalo river, there is Hotel Ivalo.

If you rather spend your night camping in a tent or a trailer, or perhaps in a resort village cottaging, you can lodge in Ukonjärvi Resort Village, Ivalo River Camping, Nävernimi Resort Village, Uruniemi Camping, Resort Village Inari, or Resort Village Jokitörmä. Closest to Nellim are Näverniemi Resort Village and Ivalo River Camping

Nellimiä näistä vaihtoehdoista sijaitsevat Näverniemen Lomakylä ja Ivalo River Camping.